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Interior color coordination with colored cooker hood vol.4

Interior color coordination with colored cooker hood vol.4

Interior color coordination with colored cooker hood vol.4

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When I say this, I believe a lot of people will empathize that the kitchen is often one of the most cluttered spaces in the house and achieving a tidy look is an eternal challenge.

However, as the kitchen is a place for people to gather and enjoy cooking, we do not want to make it too cold and uninviting space while still aiming for a clean look. This kitchen we chose for this volume has a clean yet cozy ambiance.

Let’s explore the design concept of this kitchen in terms of color and texture used.

Focus on the straight line to achieve a tidy look

You may notice that tiles, furniture, and the kitchen itself are mostly designed with straight lines. These lines provide a sharp and tidy impression compared to the curves.

Straight elements with no decorations are also easy to wipe, contributing to the maintenance of a clean space.

Kitchen straight lines.png

Since the appliances take up a significant area, extra care is need in the design.

The FUJIOH cooker hood, FR-CL1890 used in this kitchen has a sleek straight-line design that perfectly complements the theme of this volume.

FUJIOH Cooker hood FR-CL1890.png

For a tidy appearance, induction hobs are recommended than gas hobs. Specifically, the FUJIOH FH-ID5230 with beveled edges and no silver frame provides an even sharper and cleaner impression.

FUJIOH Induction hob FH-ID5230.png

Use wood and bright (light) neutral colors as a base to add warmth

We don't need to use red or yellow to add warmth; just incorporating wood can create a very warm atmosphere.

For areas other than wood, use light neutral colors.

Generally, brighter colors give a light and soft impression. Even among neutral colors, be cautious when using dark colors like black or gray as a base, as it can be challenging to maintain warmth.

Kitchen color coordination_main.jpg

Incorporate opposite items to create accents

Having only straight lines and bright colors can make the space monotonous. Incorporating a bit of the opposites will add the accent and make the space more impressive.

The opposite of straight lines is curves. Include circular objects like jars, glasses, or vases as accessories.

curve design kitchen items.png

The opposite of light colors is dark colors. Using dark-colored dishes can enhance the presentation of the food as well. For the theme of "clean yet warm" space, it's recommended to keep these accents subtle throughout the entire space.

Dark color kitchen items.png

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  • Cooker hood:FR-CL1890XW
  • Induction hob:FH-ID5230

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