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 Ideas for a smart kitchen storage system

Ideas for a smart kitchen storage system

Ideas for a smart kitchen storage system

A well-functioning kitchen requires a significant assembly of essential items and wise organization. As the kitchen is one of the busiest places at home and often requires quick and spontaneous actions, smart storage will help eliminate wasteful actions while cooking and cleaning.

This article will focus on where each kitchen item should be placed to facilitate efficiency and make your cooking time more comfortable. We hope this will upgrade your quality of life in the kitchen!

The fundamental concepts: Divide the kitchen area into zones and group items according to their frequency of use

Considering that an easy space to work and an adequate way to store items are essential for success in an active kitchen, we first suggest dividing the kitchen area into zones. A standard kitchen can be divided into three such sections; a Sink Zone, a Stove Zone, and a Countertop Zone. (See the image)

Also, when we examine the practical needs of a kitchen, the drawers right below the working surface and the backsplash wall (See the image) serve as a “Golden Area.” Because neither area requires us to kneel down or strain for items at higher places, we can reach any necessary tools with the least effort.

Next, examine the items. Try to separate the items to primary and secondary groups by frequency of use.

For example, if cutlery, the primary group is the daily-use cutlery and the second cutlery is for guest use or special cutlery for rarely cooked cuisines. If kitchen tools, the primary group can include essential utensils such as spatulas and ladles, the secondary groups may be less-used tools like mashers and bottle-openers, etc.

And the primary goods should be in the Golden Area, while the secondary goods can be in the non-Golden Area. Do not stuff all of the utensils in one drawer. By separating to the groups and allocating them in appropriate places, the most convenient storing space becomes uncluttered.

Let’s look at more examples of storing items by each zone.

Stove Zone

The items needed to be used at the stove will come in this zone such as frying pans, spatula, and ladles which is mainly used only on the stove. Their proximity allows for easy access during the meal preparation.

Spices can be in the Golden Area of this zone because they are usually required when adding to a cooking pan already on the stove. Kitchen cleaning supplies for greasy stains are to be stored in this zone too. And, non-Golden Area, base level, of the Stove Zone can be used for heavier pans and baking items.

Sink Zone

A stock pan for soup or boiling water should be in the Sink Zone. If you keep a stock pot near the stove, it may require an extra action, going back and forth to the sink for water. This can be the same for kettles and colanders, and any essential cookware associated with water.

The non-Golden Area of Sink Zone can be a good place to stock the cleaning supplies around the sink including sponges and dish soap.

Countertop zone

Everyday use tableware, cutlery and kitchen utensils can be here in the Golden Area.

The bottom level, non- Golden Area, in the Countertop Zone can kept to stock foods, or the secondary group utensils and tableware.

Additional tips for having several organized spaces for a smoother working area

As everyone likes to enjoy the cooking process to the fullest, other people entering the kitchen during your cooking time can hinder your kitchen work, especially when your kitchen space is limited. To avoid this, you can store certain things and goods that are unnecessary for cooking, near just the entrance of the kitchen. Drinks, snacks, and drinking cups and glasses are good examples.

Tableware cabinets can be near the dishwasher so that you can easily put them away without walking about the kitchen.

Another point is that one of the cabinets or drawers in the kitchen can be arranged especially for children. The children’s tableware can be organized in that specific space which is easily accessible for them. Making space for children in the kitchen encourages their desire to participate in kitchen work even at young age.

A concentrated and well thought out arrangement of kitchen storage will go a long way in fashioning a comfortable and efficient cooking environment. Overall easy access to all necessary kitchen utensils, cooking tools, crockery, and serving dishes saves your time and energy in the kitchen.


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