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Dark Japandi: Guidance and tips for a unique Japandi style

Dark Japandi: Guidance and tips for a unique Japandi style

Dark Japandi: Guidance and tips for a unique Japandi style

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While the Japandi style trend remains popular, we think the next step for Japandi may be heading towards dark colors. Dark Japandi or Black Japandi offer a fresh look on minimalist interior style.

Japandi rooms always possess unified and cohesive looks. In Dark Japandi, you can keep simplicity and visual cohesion with darker shades of gray, navy blue, or black. A traditional Japandi room usually prefers to use light muted color palettes throughout the room which gives bright and soft impressions. Strong dark colors like black are powerful but also can tie everything together seamlessly and present elegance and tranquility.

Let's see the effect of using a black or dark color scheme for a Japandi style.

1. Creating dramatic and elegant ambiance

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If you want to create a unique Japandi house, you can try darker color layers to create a black toned room. While maintaining the simple and functional aspects of a traditional Japandi room but using predominantly black or other dark colors, the room can be bold, striking, and sophisticated. Mainly using black or dark colors can create contrast with lighter elements which adds a dramatic effect to the room.

Depending on the texture, black and dark tones can create an avant-garde and luxurious space. Furthermore, black can give a mysterious vibe, which adds more interest to the room.

2. Drawing extra attention to details

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With fewer distractions from various colors, a Dark Japandi room can draw attention to materials, quality, textures, and design. Details become important in the simple color palette. You can dress a room with the layers of texture even within the same black color. Including dark-colored or light-colored natural materials as one of principles of Japandi design, you can bring warmth to a sharply colored room.

Dark walls can serve as a neutral backdrop that allows artwork, decorations, and furnishings to stand out. Art and décor will be highlighted. If you like paying attention to details and expressing your artistic sense, Dark Japandi may be a good choice for you.

3. Timeless style that offers long-lasting enjoyment

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Interior styles with monotone or dark color schemes have been around for a long time and have been a favorite motif for generations. Typically this motif doesn't go out of style, and transcends trends, remaining relevant and appealing over extended periods. They are a good choice for long-term enjoyment.

Let's explore some tips for Dark Japandi with sample room pictures. You can choose an appropriate one that fits your taste and space requirements.

1. Adopt the dark color in the large areas

To make a Dark Japandi room, change to darker tones for large areas, like walls and floors. This will create a strong impact and lasting impression. Consider adapting the theme color for wallpaper, floor panels, and big furniture items like sofas, rugs, beds. If you can match up the big furniture with the same dark color as the wallpaper, it will simplify room's appearance and present an immediate powerful effect.

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2. Hang a large-sized black abstract artwork

If it is difficult to change a wall color, a large abstract artwork with monotones or a simple dark color pallet will give a similar effect as dark wallpaper. A large black artwork can change the overall room color impression. It will also be a dramatic focal point in the room. This type of décor elevates the aesthetics of the room, giving it a more refined and luxurious feel.

Dark Japandi 6.jpeg

3. Display decoration items in chosen dark colors

After deciding the overall theme of the room by adopting dark colors in the larger areas, you should also fashion the smaller décor in dark colors; textile objects, art prints, vases, or lightings. They can effectively tie the room together in Dark Japandi. The accessories should mainly be kept in dark colors, but you can add one or two lighter colored decorations for focal points, especially highlighted when the wallpaper is dark as a backdrop.

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4. Keep it simple with black and white

When you choose black for the color of a Dark Japandi style room, monotones with black and white might be an easy but stylish choice. Monotone rooms present a visually clean and uncluttered space, promoting a serene atmosphere.

Dark Japandi 8.jpeg

5. Combine different textures and tones of darkness for details

To avoid monotony and make the space visually interesting, you can incorporate decoration in various textures, patterns, shades, hues, reflection, and materials within the chosen color scheme. The details can prevent the room from feeling too flat or one-dimensional and give the room an artistic and personalized atmosphere. This type of room speaks of your creativity and sense of personal style. It is important to find the right balance when you are combining various elements.

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6. Bring natural daylight in and illuminate with soft lighting at night

Adequate lighting is crucial in a Dark Japandi room to prevent it from feeling too dark or claustrophobic. Bring in a lot of natural light from the windows and use sheer curtains that allow more light to filter through. Mirror reflections can also be a smart way to bring natural light to the room.

Ensure the lighting remains muted and moody at night with ambient and accent lighting to create a sense of dark tranquility and comfortable illumination.

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7. Include natural objects

Plants and greenery should be part of a Japandi room. And don't forget to include a natural aspect to your furniture or essential decor, such as wooden or rattan furnishing, stone elements, or natural fabrics. A natural touch will give the room warmth and comfort. Japandi also values craftsmanship items. These decors can be of dark colors to add cohesion or lighter colors for dramatic contrast.

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For some, an all-black or dark colored room might be too intense or challenging to maintain. But we believe that following the above tips can help create a distinctive and comfortable Dark Japandi room that reflects your style and personality.


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