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Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.5

Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.5

Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.5

Kitchen color coordination vol5_1.jpg

What are your thoughts on monotone kitchens? Do you find it stylish and aspirational, or do they leave you feeling dull and uninspired?

Monotone interiors might seem easy and straightforward - just align with either white or black, right?

But when a room is dominated solely by these two colors, it can often come across as cold or even appear cheap. Therefore, achieving the right balance takes skill and finesse.

In volume 5, we'll introduce the secrets to crafting monotone interiors that are ideal for those seeking a stylish yet inviting home ambiance.

1. Material: Mixing different textures creates a rich space impression

In this kitchen, despite its monochrome palette, a diverse array of textures has been incorporated, each contributing in creating a unique expression.

Leather chairs. Grid-patterned center table. Cabinet doors with a matte wooden texture. The countertop is marble, glossy with marble patterns. And there's subtly patterned wallpaper.

Even within a limited color scheme, the interplay of textures (matte, glossy), patterns (marble, stripes), and materials (leather, wood, stone) creates a sense of depth and richness.

While black and white items are often made up of acrylic or plastic, offering affordability and accessibility, relying solely on these materials can result in a space that feels cold and uninspired, ultimately lacking in sophistication.

Embrace diverse materials to enrich your space with character and warmth.

So, why not experiment to discover the transformative potential within your own home?

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2. Color: Playing with shades (gradation) adds depth to the space.

Even if it's just black or white, most of the time the colors are slightly different, making it challenging to achieve exact matches. But let's turn that around and embrace the nuances and beauty of gradation!

From whites tinged with hints of beige, pure and white nuanced shades of gray, blending these tones imbues your space with depth and sophistication, instantly elevating it to the realm of expert interior design.

And let's not forget the versatile role of glass. Transparent black glass, when incorporated into a black interior, creates a striking visual contrast that exudes modern elegance and charm, doesn't it?

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Kitchen color coordination vol5_5.png

Kitchen color coordination vol5_6.jpg

3. Accent: Embracing natural items soften the space.

While we've explored mixing materials and shades within the black and white palette, the ultimate flourish lies in the accent. To elevate the stylish ambience of black and white, dare to opt. for wooden flooring.

Wood flooring effectively balances the stark contrast between whites and blacks, lending a softening touch to the space. Consider complementing this with one or two carefully chosen plants as per your preference.

We hope you’ve found values and something to learn in these insights. Embark on your exploration of monotone interiors with enthusiasm and curiosity, and enjoy the journey ahead!

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