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How to decorate your home: tips to make your home decorations tie together

How to decorate your home: tips to make your home decorations tie together

How to decorate your home: tips to make your home decorations tie together

When it comes to decorating the home and achieving a satisfied ambience, expensive furniture is not always necessary. But arranging all elements of your interior décor to go well together is the necessary step.

Below are some clever tips to help incorporate in your design and transform your living space.

You may not feel quite confident about your aesthetic sense even though you have some solid inspiring ideas. You might have been feeling your room is close to being “almost there,” but not quite right yet.

It’s missing something, and you can’t put your finger on it. When you are not sure how and where to use your cherished objects and complete your ideal room decoration, you might find the following simple rules helpful.

Rules for attractive home styling.png

Repetition is a simple interior design rule to add a sense of rhythm and at the same time create a cohesive space that feels perfectly balanced. To repeat a certain element in different areas of the room can make the room feel harmonious. These elements include color, lines, texture, shape, pattern and materials.

You have to keep in mind that a room with too many elements may look busy and fussy, making it harder to arrange a comfortable space.

Following this rule, for example, eye-catching accent colors could be limited to particular tones. A few colors, or one color if possible, should be used for accent on multiple items of decoration, such as lampshades, blankets, flower vases, art work, and cushions set upon the sofa.

eye-catching accent colors.png

Or, you may be able to repeat a particular material throughout one area.

For example, if you choose wood in your flooring, as well as for furniture, table lamp, vases, and other accessories, you can establish a unified look and bring a sense of warmth and natural texture to the room.  

repeat a particular material.png

When you want to make your room more luxurious and elegant, a repetitive sparkling color like gold can add a touch of glamour and elegance. But don’t overexaggerate the amount of gold hues so as to avoid a gaudy look to the room.

repetitive sparkling color like gold.png

Similarly, the selected shape should be repeated in objects throughout the room. Repeated shapes such as round shapes like the image here makes the room rhymical and pleasant as well as creating a cohesive look overall.

Adding round shapes into your home is easy with round mirrors, floor rugs, lamps, coffee tables or artwork with rounded images.

selected shape should be repeated.png

The Triangle Principle is a way of arranging the décor in the shape of a triangle.

Choose tall, medium, and low items and group them in a triangular fashion. Place objects in front and behind one another to help create depth of field and add more interest to the space.

You can use the Triangle Principle across different shelves and bookcases, or on tables. Items that easily create height are art posters, mirrors, books, vases, flowers and candles. 

Triangle Principle_1.png

If you use items that are too similar in height, interior arrangements can become quite boxy and lose visual interest. When your items are similar in size, elevate one of them on a stack of books, candle holders, pedestals, or layered breadboards.

Triangle Principle idea.png

Make several groups of triangular shapes and layer small triangles inside a larger one so that the display appears more original and unique. With each cluster, play around with the levels and directions of your objects.    

Also, try asymmetrical triangles for an even more interesting styling. Place the tallest items off to one side instead of dead center. By adding a bit of asymmetry to your triangular decor, the eye will naturally linger there longer.

Make several groups of triangular shapes.png

Designing a room is an acquired skill, not just an inherent sense. We post useful articles regularly, so please check them and discover new ideas to enrich your own special home.

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