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Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.3

Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.3

Interior color cordination with colored cooker hood vol.3

Featured kitchen

A black cooker hood is standing out as a centerpiece in the lively and brightly colored wall.
Despite using a bright color on a large area, the overall space has elegant and sophisticated ambience rather than overly vibrant or flashy.

Let’s explore the design concept of this kitchen in terms of color and texture used.

Kitchen interior design tips

Keep everything in neutral except for the colored wall

Apart from the wall, rest of the elements are kept unified in neutral shades.
A light toned wooden material is used for flooring, so to compliment it, all other wooden items are selected in the matching shade. Further, not only wooden items but also the small accessories such as pots and dishes are coordinated in a light beige color to create a sense of unity and achieve a clutterless design.

Use items with plain pattern

All items picked for the kitchen have a “plain pattern ” .
For flooring and wooden items, materials with less prominent wood lines are used. Avoid using complex patterns that would overpower the overall aesthetic.
The cabinet is also designed with plain and smooth white material.
In this way, by minimizing the prominence of secondary items, the wall color is highlighted. 

Kitchen CG vol.3-3.jpg

Incorporate black as an accent

Black is recommended to use intentionally as it adds a sense of sophistication and a striking contrast to the space.
This kitchen has a black cooker hood as the centerpiece, with black sprinkled in multiple places, little by little, on the gas hob and other small items.
This has added a modern touch to a warm and inviting space infused with color.


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