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FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.3

FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.3

FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.3

Welcome back to the series where we explore FUJIOH cooker hoods that combine style and function hand in hand making, the cooker hood both elegant and efficient.

On this volume, we will feature FR-SC2090 model. You can access our previous articles from the same cooker hood series through the links below. But for now, let's delve into another chapter and explore how FUJIOH's cooker hood, once again, sets the standard for performance and elevates the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

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Cooker hood Volume 3_1.jpgThe concept behind the FR-SC2090 is implementation of unique appearance (design) engineered for effortless cleanliness both inside and outside of the cooker hood.

Let's examine the functionality and aesthetics features in detail.

A) Specifically designed rectifier panel

Cooker hood Volume 3_2.png

Drawing on FUJIOH's legacy of excellence in cooker hood manufacturing, the FR-SC2090 also comes with specially designed rectifier panel to enhance high fume suction efficiency. The panel narrows the suction opening thereby, increasing suction speed, delivering faster and more cooking experience.

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B) Structural design for oil accumulation

Cooker hood Volume 3_3.png

FR-SC2090, one of our earliest and most popular models among global consumers, particularly Asian users, is designed to capture maximal oil from cooking fumes.

As the fan draws the cooking fumes into the cooker hood body, they encounter the rectifier panel and pass through the filter surface. During this process, oil particles from the fumes gets filtrated and adhere to these parts.

This comprehensive approach results in oil capturing ratio of up to 85-92%.

C) Functional coatings

The FR-SC2090 is designed to facilitate hassle-free maintenance both inside and outside of the body, thanks to FUJIOH’s 3 innovative coatings.

The exterior body is coated with an oil-repellent coating, which does not allow oil to stick on the metal surface, allowing grease and oil to be effortlessly wiped away after use.

Cooker hood Volume 3_4.png

Aqua Slit Filter is coated with a hydrophilic layer, enhancing its water compatibility and facilitating easy removal of oil from the metal surface upon contact with water. This makes cleaning and maintenance of the Aqua Slit Filter easy and hassle-free.

Furthermore, the fan is coated with a Super Kirei coating, which repels oil instantly and ensures prolonged cleanliness.

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A) Seamless design

Cooker hood Volume 3_5.png

The FR-SC2090 features a seamless exterior design, free of screws or uneven surfaces. This seamless integration provides the hood with a smooth, gentle and inviting appearance, despite its substantial size, making it a harmonious addition to any kitchen decor.

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B)Four color variations

Cooker hood Volume 3_6.png

Available in four distinct color options - textured white, textured black, silver metallic, and rich silver, the FR-SC2090 offers the abundance of choices in texture and the color of each variant.

Each color effortlessly blends with various kitchen styles, from professional to cozy and welcoming.

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C) Integrated oil tray

Cooker hood Volume 3_7.png

One of the standout features of the FR-SC2090 is its integrated oil tray, seamlessly concealed within the front panel to discreetly exist yet easily accessible for maintenance.

Additionally, the oblong design can hold greater amount of oil and a subtle window allows users to monitor oil level effortlessly.

These concise thoughts and concepts on FUJIOH products exemplify the brand's dedication to offering both functionality and elegance in our cooker hoods.


We hope this article helped in better understanding of cooker hood itself and the cooker hood model featured. We shall feature another unique model in another volume.


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