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FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.2

FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.2

FUJIOH Cooker hoods- Blending style and function vol.2

Welcome back to the series where we explore FUJIOH cooker hoods that carries style and function hand in hand making the cooker hood both elegant and efficient.

In Volume 1, we introduced the impressive FR-MS2390 model. Now, let's delve into another chapter to explore how FUJIOH FR-CL1890, once again, sets the standard for cooker hoods that excel in performance and elevate the overall aesthetic of your culinary haven.

Cooker hood Volume 2-1.jpg

The concept is to keep the body minimal by eliminating excess machinery, without compromising on functionality.

1. Functionality: Block the oil entrance and increase the oil capturing

FR-CL1890 can capture 91-94% of oil from cooking fumes. Below are the parts that contribute for the achievement of it:

A) Specifically designed rectifier panel

Cooker hood Volume 2-2.png

Like all our FUJIOH cooker hoods, the FR-CL1890 also comes with original and specifically designed rectifier panel that is crafted by Japanese engineers at FUJIOH. The rectifier panel narrows the suction opening and increases the cooker hood's suction speed, thereby efficiently enhancing the suction of cooking fumes.

Cooker hood Volume 2-3.png

Furthermore, special attention has been given to determining the positioning of the rectifier panel through precise airflow path analysis. Oil and fume capturing tests have been conducted to confirm its efficiency in capturing fumes.

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B) Oil Smasher technology

Cooker hood Volume 2-4.png

The FR-CL1890 features built-in Oil Smasher technology. In this innovative system, the high-speed rotation of the Oil Smasher disk utilizes centrifugal force to separate and from entering the cooker hood body.

The captured oil gets collected on the oil tray, which is coated with an Oil Repellent Coating for effortless maintenance.

This is the patented technology from the pioneer of the cooker hood brand in Japan, FUJIOH. It challenges the myth that "the inner body of cooker hood, which cannot be maintained regularly, is prone to getting greasy" by employing a technology that "blocks and captures oil".

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2. Aesthetic Features: Embraced minimalist design with 4 distinct color options

A) Minimalist design

Below are the elements that contributes in achieving highly minimal design:

i) Slim front panel

Cooker hood Volume 2-5.png

The front panel is meticulously crafted with a slim width of just 35mm with rounded edges. Together, they create a minimal yet subtle look.

ii) Seamless oil panel

Cooker hood Volume 2-6.jpg

The oil panel is manufactured using a metal plate press technique from a single metal plate, creating a continuous surface and eliminating visible metal connections formed by patching or screwing of metal plates. This results in a seamless oil panel, making post-use cleaning easier and contributing to a minimalistic and elegant appearance.

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B) 4 color options with 2 different textures

Cooker hood Volume 2-7.png

The FR-CL1890 is available in four distinct colors and two different coating textures. The Black and White variations showcase a textured coating, providing a unique and minimal visual appeal, while the Silver Metallic and Rich Silver options boast a smooth metallic finish for a sleek look. This diversity in color and coating textures offers an abundance of choices for coordinating with other kitchen tools and accessories.

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We hope you this article helped in better understanding of cooker hood itself and the cooker hood model featured. We shall feature another unique model in another volume.

*Models available vary by country.

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