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Japanese fun cooking ideas for bento box or party vol.1

Japanese fun cooking ideas for bento box or party vol.1

Japanese fun cooking ideas for bento box or party vol.1

It’s been a while since we shared our last Japanese Bento related content. So, here we are back again with cute Japanese recipes that you can use for Bento boxes or home parties. These recipes require minimal ingredients and do not require the precise measurements. We will be sharing one by one so, feel free to try and enjoy them!

On our first episode we will be making “The Fish Cake Gang.”

Japanese Bent Episode 1_1.JPG

Fish Cake is called "Chikuwa" in Japanese. So, let’s call them by their Japanese name!

We're going to make a Mohawk Chikuwa-kun and an Afro Chikuwa-kun, but if you're not familiar with Mohawk and Afro hair styles, googling them will definitely make the process more fun.

Japanese Bent Episode 1_2.JPG

・Chikuwa (Japanese fish cake rolls)



・Black sesame seeds


1. Boil okra and broccoli with salt.

Japanese Bent Episode 1_3.JPG

2. Cut the chikuwa in half and make a "V-shaped" cut that will make the mouth.

Japanese Bent Episode 1_4.JPG

3. Insert the boiled okra and broccoli into the chikuwa, respectively (Cut off the tips of the okra beforehand.).

Japanese Bent Episode 1_5.JPG

Japanese Bent Episode 1_6.JPG

4. Dip a small amount of mayonnaise with a chopstick and attach black sesame seeds to create those cute little eyes.

Japanese Bent Episode 1_7.JPG

Japanese Bent Episode 1_8.JPG

And that’s all. It’s done!

Japanese Bento Episode 1_9.png

We hope you enjoyed the cooking with FUJIOH. We hope to you see you again on our next episode.

Enjoy Bento Enjoy Cooking.


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